Thursday, September 27, 2007

Transcript of the 911 call if I had been the one to hit George Clooney in his recent road accident:

Operator: Hello 911
Woman’s voice: Hello? I’ve just been in a car accident and um I hit a motorbike. Uh they look like they might be hurt. I think I need an ambulance.
Operator: Alright what is your location please?
Man’s voice: Ahh my leg.
Woman’s voice: Holy. Shit.
Man’s voice: (Pained murmurs) Are you um calling 911?
Woman’s voice: Is that… George?
Man’s voice: I think my leg might be broken.
Operator: Ma’am what is your location please?
Woman’s voice: I loved you in Out of Sight. Honestly. And Good Night and Good Luck? You. Killed.
Man’s voice: Uh are you even calling 911?
Woman’s voice: Uh yeah, yeah I’m just on hold. So um your leg is hurting huh?
Man’s voice: And my ribs… I think… they don’t feel so great.
Woman’s voice: I totally know first aid. Here let me make you -
Man’s voice: That’s not my leg.
Woman’s voice: Shhhhh
Operator: Ma’am what is your location please?
Man’s voice: Um can you… can you not-
Woman’s voice: You’re delirious, George, the pain is making you delirious-
Man’s voice: I don't- please -
Woman’s voice: There you go-
Man’s voice: I think I um… oh God. Uh you know my girlfriend’s still in this crash somewhere don’t you?
Woman’s voice: Your girlfriend? You son of a fucking bitch. I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you s-

(Transmission ends)


Dave said...

...or Case Study 97: What Psychopaths Do When They're Bored at Work

my name is kate said...

Can't it be both Johnsy?

Dave said...

I think it should.

Jessica Foster said...

I freaking laughed out loud!!!!
I totally hear you! Then again, I'm the girl who Photoshopped herself with George for my Christmas card last year....!7ACA84086C80B9D4!321/?ViewType=4