Thursday, November 22, 2007

For my next 'prank' I'm going to run Ms Kelly down in my hatchback... hi-larious

A chaser style prank.

That was how outgoing Liberal MP Jackie Kelly described the distribution of fake election flyers claiming to be from a (non existent) Islamic group and suggesting the Labor Government was sympathetic to Islamic terrorism.

The pamphlet said Labor wanted forgiveness for "Muslim brothers who have been unjustly sentenced to death for the Bali bombings" and supported building a mosque in the area.

“I think its intent is to be a send-up but obviously it hasn't worked," Ms Kelly said on ABC radio "I think if you read it you'd be laughing. Most people who have read it have said 'That's a Chaser-style of prank'."

You know what else is a chaser style prank? Pumping out lies in a desperate attempt to stop what polls suggest will be a landslide victory against your party days before the election is held. Tearing up votes and distributing fake ‘how to vote’ cards for other parties. Hell, I tend to think shooting people who come to the polls to vote for the other party is pretty hilarious but call me crazy if you like.

Nobody can think this is a joke when we’re two days out from a flipping federal election and the only joke is the party involved.


Anonymous said...

it's going to be somewhat satisfying when you finally realise (may take a year, may take the whole term) that your saviour (KRudd) is not who you...or others had hoped.

As JerryS once said "Good luck with that!"

my name is kate said...

Well I think I'm fairly cynical about a lot of things and I certainly don't agree with Labor's policies on everything but my thought are generally 'it has to be better'.

Also I suppose it's not the most popular view but I'd be willing to trade a bit of economic prosperity (if that's what you mean when you say things will change) for something at least approaching a decent social justice policy.

But you have quoted one of my favourite Seinfeld lines and disarmed me so I'm just crossing my fingers, taking a deep breath and hoping...