Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hey... you

I had a weird experience at work today.

Two weeks into my job I still barely know anybody outside my little section of the office or beyond my former Community colleagues because I spent most of my time either at my desk or downstairs buying another diet coke. You're shocked, I'm sure.

So today I was surprised to find somebody lingering at my desk to say hi. I looked up.

"Hey Kate," he said. "How're you going?" He had a lovely smile, he seemed very personable and he obviously recognised me.

"H-ey." I said.

I had no idea who he was. Oh I recognised his face and he seemed to gosh darned sweet that I wanted to know him but... I could not remember his name. Nor when I had been introduced to him or what we might have chatted about, if anything. Shiiiit.

We talked for a couple of minutes, by which I mean he asked me nice, friendly questions about how I was going in my first couple of weeks, and I tried to think up responses and questions that wouldn't display my ignorance of, um, who he was.

The question is, what is my next move? Continue to say hi and engage in banter until inspiration strikes? Admit my ignorance and hope we can have a bit of a laugh about it? Um, option C? Is this that alcohol-induced memory loss I hear so much about or am I just a careless bint who doesn't pay attention when she should? No, wait, don't answer that... what's your name again?


Anonymous said...

find out where his desk is..when he isnt there go check his logon name...or dig into his wallet!

Sienfield anyone?? Mulva?? DEEELORIS!

T-Dog said...

it was Tom the Online Guy was it? He is a very friendly young lad who was at the Media Ball...

my name is kate said...

Hee... Mulva.

And oh shit Thom I think you've got it. Tall and gangly with curly hair and very sweet? Fuck I bet I talked to him at the ball... fuck I'm horrid. I think it might be coming back to me...

Dave said...

I think as a new employee it's always okay to pull someone aside and ask them who that person was. Do you think he realised you didn't have a clue who he was?