Sunday, November 4, 2007


Don’t drink tea or coffee. Try herbal tea before bed. Don’t drink booze. Have a glass of wine. Try reading in bed to relax.. Only use your bed for sleeping.

The worst thing about insomnia is the theories.

Soo many theories. And, as you stare at the ceiling at two am each of them seems to make perfect sense, even the ones that contradict the other ones. Should I stay in bed and try to sleep or get up and distract myself? Should I try to read a boring book or should I just try to relax and not think about anything? Would taking a second sleeping tablet be considered an overdose?

Equally crap is the fact that, the more you worry about not sleeping, the less you’re able to. For every half hour I spend stressing about having to start a new an terrifying job on way too little sleep and too little preparation (the fatigue means I can’t concentrate on anything more complicated than walking between the fridge and the couch) that’s another hour I’ll spend lying awake in bed. The more I think ‘I’m not going to sleep’ the less I sleep.

Somebody put a fork in me and tuck me in: I’m done.


Bolton said...

I don't know if this only works for boys, but seriously... umm... just have a wank.


my name is kate said...

If only, Dans, if only.