Wednesday, November 7, 2007

This is not a love song

Call me crazy but I'd swear I was prepubescent when this stupid election campaign started. And yet the election is still So. Far. Away. How can this be possible? I hate it.

I hate the gabbled super-fast "authorised by blah blah blah" bit at the end of the stupid ads. I hate Howard. I hate the flip in my stomach every time the Labor campaign hits a bump and I wonder if they might fuck it all up. I hate Howard. I hate finding out that somebody else I know and like is going to vote Liberal. I hate realising that so many people care more about what tax cuts they're going to get and whether they can buy another flatscreen for the spare room than what their government plans to do about social justice, the environment and things that actually matter.

I hate the knobhead who called ABC radio this morning to complain about both a)Rudd and b)the dangers of multiculturalism and I really, really hate the fact that said knobhead's vote is worth the same as mine.

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Anonymous said...

This is the first election for which I am tempted to postal vote. The news sounds good so I just hope Rudd gets over the line.