Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm just sorry you're all suck fuckwits...

I was going to post something about Paul Keating’s brilliant post-election comments, passed onto me by Stew Rat:
“I was just so relieved that the toxicity of this Government had gone, this dreadful vicious show which had been around for all these years, the active disparaging of particular classes and groups … Sometimes you see people at factories, they've been in a plant that's got toxic stuff on them and they get hosed down later. I felt on Saturday night like I'd been hosed down."
Hurrah, drinks all around etc. And then? Ooh I turned to the letter pages of today’s West and read a couple of beauties just to remind me what country I’m living in. First off the rank Freda Miller, who is offering a heartfelt apology to the indigenous people in Australia, from way down in Marangaroo, for what they’ve been through since white people came to their country, killed a lot of them, stole their kids and on behalf of a society that is apparently happy to sit around and watch the 20-year life expectancy gap from a distance:
“I want to say sorry to our indigenous Australians. Sorry that they indulge in drink and drugs to the detriment of their children. Sorry that they damage the homes and schools provided for them. Sorry they have low self respect and don’t teach their children to respect the law…”
It continues but why let her have all the fun when D. Ford of Osborne Park (where else?) has so much to say?
“Mr Rudd, if you have done something to be guilty about, go ahead, but don’t you dare include me when you are saying sorry. I was not involved in any way.”
I could go on but I’m afraid I’ve just poured kero on the paper and set it alight. Ah well perhaps my bitter, bitter tears will put it out for me.

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