Thursday, November 23, 2006

As it's almost the weekend...

I am looking forward to a number of things:

1. Having an awesome week off with almost nothing to do.

2. Re-watching The Forsythe Saga with Sacha during said week off.

3. Pretending to work on ‘the book’ while re-re-watching The Forsythe Saga.

4. Going house shopping with Andy (hey its not MY money)

5. Seeing Borat tonight.

6. Wearing an electric blue 80s prom dress (yes - in public) and getting very drunk.

7. Working with Lindsay.

I am loving:

1. Patricia Highsmith - I’ve read half her back catalogue in the past two weeks and I love it. The Ripley Books are great and everything she writes has an awesome impending-doom vibe. Plus, you know, underlying ho-yay! (Bec, does it have a hyphen there? I don’t know) always goes down a treat.

2. Icy-poles. Cheap and delicious.

3. My hard drive recorder which ensures I can finish each day with an episode of Scrubs.

4. My senile old cat. More than a week since she last pissed on my bed.

5. Sacha. For cleaning up after my cat countless times when she's having a shit (pun sadly intended) week.

I am hating:

1. TV generally. Total pants.

2. Shorthand. I. Am. Over. It.

I vow to:

1. Cut down on my diet coke consumption because I think I might actually have a problem.

2. See more of my friends.

3. Work on ‘the book’.

4. Find most embarrassing photo of Ali possible and put it on here.

I am missing:

1. London

2. Bec

3. Hamish and Polly.

4. Winter clothes.


Rebecca said...

Hello Kate

Doing it bloggy style, I like, I like. Almost makes me want to get back on it.

Now, I think it might be HoYay, capitalised and without a hyphen.

Kate, know this. London misses you too.

my name is kate said...

Aw damnit I've been putting a hyphen in... if anyone other than you and Andy knew what it meant I'd be so embarassed.

Give London a little kiss for me and tell it I hope to see it soon.