Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Because you trust my opinion, right?

I've been getting a few requests for book suggestions lately. Maybe it's because I've recently blown $400 at a certain Leederville book shop (thanks again, Andy) or because everything on TV is such total pants at the moment that everyone has suddenly rediscovered their dusty bookshelves. Either way as anyone who knows me knows there are few things I enjoy more than forcing my literary tastes down other people's throat. So here you go:

These are personal classics everyone must read one day - I'll put up some recent finds when I remember what they are:

1. Maurice by E.M Forster. Oh if you don't know how much I love this book I don't even know why you're reading this as you can't be my friend... but really it's very very nice.

2. The End of the Affair, by Graham Greene. Greene's best is my opinion. Short, easy to read and fantastic.

3. The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald. Well I'm hardly a lone wanderer who has stumbled onto this gem but I've recently come into a first edition (Andy, again, you rock) and if you haven't read this since school then get thee to a book shop.


boltongray said...

I haven't read Maurice but I am a fan of both Howard's End and Room With a View.
I like the former because of the permanent melancholy, even when things seem to be going alright, and the excellent juxtaposition of the Shlegels, Basts and Wilcoxes as a parody of the Edwardian reality.
I like the later for the homosexual undertones and for its absolute optimism... and for the fact British tourists abroad are still so disconcertingly narrow-minded and oblivious aa century after Forster's witty observations.

My name is Kate. said...

Bless you Dan

boltongray said...

Is we not doin' literary conversation here?

My name is Kate. said...

i like to keep this thing highbrow - when I'm not talking about boobies.