Monday, February 5, 2007

Are you now or have you ever been...

Okay I really can’t tell if this website is legit or just taking the piss. I need help.

“Are you struggling with undesired same-sex attractions? Maybe you have
been a Homosexual for a long time, but now are searching for a way out. You have
come to the right place! Love God's Way is offering hope and help to people
seeking freedom from being Gay…

“I know how horrible and rough that road can be. I have been called a
"Faggot". You are not alone and guess what, God Loves You even if he hates your
Homosexuality. You just can't stay that way. Let me help you love

It sort of seems like it could be horrifying genuine but then the list of ‘gay bands’ and ‘safe bands’ to guide parents in what their kids should listen to has to be crazy… I mean, it has to be… oh god I hope so.

Anyway, readers’ opinions appreciated and, case you were wondering, if you listen to Wilco, Eagles of Death Metal, Le Tigre, The Doors, Morrissey or Sufjan Stevens you are probably already gay. Seriously if you look carefully I think you will find you’re having sex with a same-sex partner right now.


Anonymous said...

i think this sad little man actually believes in what he is spewing forth onto his blog. i can't believe that he is taking the piss, that gay bands list is just too long.

my name is kate said...

Even more random is the list of 'safe' bands, amongst them Cyndi Lauper and the Dresden Dolls... your guess is probably better than mine in figuring out how they decide these things. Perhaps if you play them backwards they say 'marriage is a sacred union between a man and woman'...

Bolton Gray said...

No this is serious. There are lots of ex-gay organisations out there babe. It's scary. I'm going to one when I go to America for my film.
Weirdos that they are.