Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Now that's entertainment.

There are those who say I watch a lot of shit on TV but they are talking out of their arse. I watch almost no TV these days - it's all DVDs because everything on TV is pants - but this week, and for the forseeable future, I shall make an exception.

Because Bones is back. And a more awesome show you cannot imagine. This show about a uh well I guess she's an anthropologist or something (hey I just work here) and an FBI agent who work together to solve murders (c'mon!) has everything. I bullied people into watcing this thing when series one was on and... god you actually have to see it to believe it.

First of all: Flesh eating bettles. I mean that's just the teaser right there. I won't even say how they're used and what they can do but, really, I mean they're involved that's all I'm saying.

Secondly: David Boreanz. Never was an actor less capable of doing an Irish accent, controlling his hair or avoiding the buffet table. I was never a huge Angel fan and I didn't care for him much in Buffy but in this he's... he's not bad with the comic timing and all. And when he is bad he's so bad it's sort of great. What's more, have a drink with your TV hour and he doesn't look that.... hideous. He's sort of almost cute. If he turned the lights off first I might actually go there.

Thirdly: A 3D holographic machine that recreates crimes based on some ludicrous "formula" and "data" that the writers go to absolutely no effort to explain or make believable. It's so great it kills me.

Fourthly: The low pitches. I mean it: this thing is practically a ground ball they aim so low with the complexity of the cases and wrapping it up ridiculously cleanly. Case in point: in one episode I remember clearly Boreanz and the chick have just arrived at this guy's house, who they suspect might have attached a bomb to some other dude's car some time ago. In thirty seconds of rifling through his house they come up with the following:
  • A Muslim prayer mat hidden in a cupboard somewhere (the guy had previously told them he was a peace-loving Christian... i know, i know).
  • Bomb making materials. Just, you know, laying around.
  • A copy of a car manual relating to the make/model of the car that was blown up. Better yet the manual has well thumbed pages in the relevant sections for where the bomb was found.
  • A diary with a giant red circle around a date and a time pencilled in to mark the date/time of his next attack.

How many times can I say awesome? Plus it's on right before Family Guy so the promise of hilarity will stop you from killing yourself if you respectively disagree with my endorsement.

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