Sunday, February 18, 2007

Greg, if you're reading this: call me.

Generally speaking I like my Scottish indie bands playing in small, intimate gigs where you can play the 'my favourite band is more unheard of and obscure than your favourite band' game. Clearly that was never going to happen with Snow Patrol, who have gained much of the fame they deserve in the last year or so. Instead the show was sold out and Belvoir amphitheatre was packed last night for their first Perth show in... er god I don't know but possibly ever?

Anyway, they were fabulous and it put the cap on a series of great gigs. Thanks largely to my new (sort of) job and my new years resolution I've recently notchced up a few great ones inlcuding, in the past week or two: Angus and Julie Stone (fab), Faith in Plastics (from what I remember they were great), Ballet at the Quarry (I thought two of the four were average but one was the most HoYay-laden thing I've seen since Yu Tu Mama Tambien... or at least Veronica Mars).

New new years resolution: see more. This follows on from my new years resolution of a big fat pay rise to pay for it. Obviously.

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