Sunday, February 4, 2007

I'll be the one throwing my knickers onstage from the second row.

For the second time in a week I'm excited. One of my comedy idols, the drunkenly dishy Irish comic Dylan Moran, is coming to Perth in April. Now obviously I do realise he is probably in town to do stand-up at the Perth Concert Hall on April 29 (see BOCS for tickets - $50) but surely there is just a chance he is, in fact, here to fall hopelessly in love with an innocent young Perth girl who he will whisk back to Dublin and hole up with in a pub somewhere, living only off booze and the stale crisps behind the bar while they write a sitcom together and talk about James Joyce.

Note to self: finish Finnegans Wake. By which I mean start Finnegans Wake.

UPDATE: Apparently one of the shows has sold out but they are putting on a second one.

FURTHER UPDATE: Excitement. Dylan ("you don't mind if I call you Dylan, do you?") is performing in our paper's distribution area so I have put in a request to interview him... ideally in his hotel room obviously. Fingers crossed.

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