Thursday, May 3, 2007

Better safe than sorry

Sometimes I suspect that if I were able to harness the time I fritter away on the internet and, instead, do something useful with my time I could actually achieve something semi-worthwhile.

However, on the off chance that the 'something' I achieve could be something impressive but detrimental to humankind (ie: the A-bomb, gunpowder or formal shorts) I choose to keep reading crap and bring you gold like this site which chronicles the life and times of working on an IT help desk:
Tech Support: "Ok, let's put your operating system disk in the drive."
Customer: "Ok...which way does it go in?"
Tech Support: "The shiny side faces down."
Customer: " way is down."
Tech Support: (rolling eyes) "Towards the floor."
Customer: " what way does the other side face?"
Tech Support: "Are you kidding?"
(outraged) "Hey! I'm not a computer genius, ok? That's why I called you!"
Tech Support: "Ok, that side faces down too."

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Dave said...

Formal shorts??? Wow, Kate. You need help.