Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Token Smokin' Hottie: Milo Ventimiglia

I am absolutely nothing if not predictable.

And never more so than when it comes to boys.

Write me a TV character with a wiry body and brooding dark looks who dresses like a young James Dean and acts like a punk but is secretly a total bookworm and what do you think I’m going to do with him? Love him of course - how could I not? And indeed I did when Milo Ventimiglia first walked into my life as faux bad arse Jess in Gilmore Girls (ahem, shut up).

I was crushed when he left the show prematurely and resigned myself to pretending not to own the dvds and remembering the good times. But somebody, somewhere loves me because now he’s back on my television in Heroes and it’s like we’re right back where we started. The boy is not just a pretty face: he has gravitas... okay, and a pretty face and unarguably fine body.

Sure he no longer looks like he might stub a cigarette into my first edition Gatbsy but the guy is still smoking hot, with or without his emo bangs (sorry Johnsy: spoiler!) and if he and his hot onscreen brother don’t just tear off their shirts and start going for it soon somebody will have to explain to me why (hey I'm not advocating incest but surely the writers will throw me a bone (teehee) soon and make them suddenly unrelated so it will be Game. On).

To summarise: even with any future scars (sorry Johnsy!) this token smokin' hottie might acquire onscreen I could eat him up with a spoon.

NOTE: I am aware he looks a bit like a Mama's boy in this photo but, man, I'm busy and it was either this or one where he looks like a straight man pretending to be a gay cowboy. Seriously, you just know the photographer was all "and sort of look like you might stick your hand down your pants, uh huh, good but now maybe pull another button off your shirt... thaaat's right". Anyway I believe I already have a smokin' hottie who has cornered that particular niche.
UPDATE: Okay I've changed the photo anyway. Forgot I had this one and I think he looks a bit better. Though possibly electrocuted.


Dave said...

emo bangs?? scars?? ooh, i am excited!!

dan said...

my god he is beautiful.

i've just googled all over the place.

he's now buff... having played alongside sly in rocky xxviii.

i. am. in. love.

Dave said...

You mean you haven't been watching Heroes Dan?? Right, Kate. We've got some work to do. Obviously not enough people are as addicted to it as we are, and we need to get the word out there. I couldn't think of anything worse than a lack of viewers consigning it to an 11pm timeslot - or worse, a Saturday night timeslot.

my name is kate said...

I know, Johnsy, I KNOW. I've been recommending it all over the place but at least it's got a big online following so it's not in danger of being cancelled anytime soon... I hope.

I'm so snaffling the dvd when it's out so at least I can lend it out.

And based on Milo's appearance in the most recent episode of Heroes he has indeed been working out. I don't usually rate the muscles but he looks reeeeal good in a tank top...

my name is kate said...

Okay I caved in and did some googling to reveal he's a vegetarian. My heart is all a flutter.

Dave said...

ha! you should track him down. the two of you were surely meant to be.

my name is kate said...

Yep surely once I’ve tracked him down and imprisoned him in my basement he will learn to love me.

Lindsay said...

I applaud your taste in this case Kate. AND he has no visible weeping sores. Nice one.