Friday, May 25, 2007

Half Nelson

I’m not sure why I enjoyed the movie Half Nelson (which I saw last night) so much.

For a start I don’t like children and this involved a bunch of them. Also, drug-fuelled orgies aside, nothing much actually happened during the movie.

But somehow it was really enjoyable and I walked out of the cinema feeling as though it had had an effect on me. Afterwards I thought about why this was and I came up with this: as disturbing as it sounds I think I just like watching fucked up people on screen.

I don’t mean people from the wrong side of the tracks fighting overwhelming odds to, I don’t know, go to college, get into dance school or snag the hot, upper class girl/guy. I mean normal(ish) people who are fucked up in a normal(ish) way, often making stupid decisions and just generally disillusioned with the way their lives have turned out.

I’m not sure this says about me, other than the fact I am clearly a bit fucked up, disillusioned and probably making stupid decisions that get me nowhere.

Of course Ryan Gosling looks pretty hot with some stubble so maybe I'm just easy.

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