Tuesday, May 15, 2007

There's no deadwood here.

If future civilisations ever stumble upon this blog they will assume (perhaps rightly) that I was pretty lame.

“This fucking girl,” they’ll say, “all she ever did was talk about hot guys and movies she’s seen and bloody TV shows. Why wasn’t she feeding the goddamn masses or something?”

Yes why indeedy.

But, seriously. Let’s talk about Deadwood. Because this show is pretty awesome.

I don’t even remember it being on TV and, until a friend raved about it a few weeks ago, I’d never thought a thing about it. I was living in a Deadwood-free world. It was my loss because, as I have discovered, in the past week or so, this show rocks.

Where else can you hear the words “motherfucking,” “cocksucking” and “cunt” not once but ten times in the first ten minutes of any given episode? Where else can you see someone turn from an unbelievably menacing pimp to a charming rogue and back again in one scene? Where else can you see the luscious Timothy Olyphant brood and clench his way through every scene, his cheekbones practically slicing through his skin and melting my TV with his hotness?

Freakin’ nowhere, that’s where.


Bolton Gray said...


You fuck like a man, don't you?

my name is kate said...

Hey don't knock it until you try it (er, the show I mean)

my name is kate said...

And this show has just been praised by Wakey as awesome (or words to that effect) so don't trust me: trust the sub.

Dave said...

Trust the sub??? that's a big leap...