Saturday, May 26, 2007

May Audit

I am currently: Nursing a terrible hangover and swearing to give up the booze.
I should be: Sticking my head in the toilet. Oh or doing some writing.
Last good deed: Cleaning the house. Not that I get any fucking credit.
Last bad deed: Being too hungover to drive to the RSPCA this morning. I still love you Mr Frisky!
Last good interview: Animal rights author Jeffrey Masson. A lovely guy.
Next big story: Hopefully one Lindsay and I are chasing up.
Next month I hope to: Do the splits.
I am reading: Pat Barker's Regeneration. I can't usually stand books set during wars (don't ask) but this story follows poet Siegfried Sassoon and is fantasic.
I am listening to: I can't get The Zutons' Why Won't You Give me Your Love out of my head.
I am dreading: Bad news.
I am looking forward to: My next diet coke.

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