Sunday, May 20, 2007

I know it is a well-worn record...

... but I Can. Not. stand it when girls ditch girls for boys. Oh okay I've done it, you've done it: we're all guilty, but it doesn't mean it's any easier to stomach. There's a big difference, too, in being caught up in the early excitement of a new relationship and temporarily bailing on girl time, versus being ready at the drop of the proverbial freaking hat to trade vagina for you-know-what (hey, my parents are reading this) - and it's the latter that I have such an objection to.

I consider myself fairly boy-mad (despite being 4+ years monogamous) but I've always at least tried to remember how awesome my friends are and act accordingly . However great your relationship, if you have one, or however hot the guy you spy across the room at some dodgy-arse dive (I pray for you you haven't just been at Carnegies because... jesus), boys really do come and (sadly) go sometimes and it will be your friends who are there to pick up the pieces and nurse you back to health.

Okay I'm choking on my own vomit here so I'll end by saying that maybe I wouldn't cut up so rough if I hadn't spent the last hour of my life trying to flag down a taxi for a semi-disabled friend after the spanner of a boy she ditched us for bailed on her. Tool.

UPDATE: Yeah this is a cautionary tale right here. Don't. Blog. Drunk.

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