Monday, May 28, 2007

Sorry this will put most of you to sleep but...

...I am out of the loop. Absolutely out of the bloody loop. I have completely failed to blog about a fantastic little event that took place in the music world about six weeks ago. Why did I fail to blog about it? Because I didn't even know it happened until today. Frick!
Anyway the event was a nice little reunion onstage between Pete Doherty (more widely known as the junkie twat who goes out with Kate Moss) and his former bandmate Carl Barat (known by me at least as one hot tamale). These two were the lads behind British greats The Libertines - a group which really deserves all the absurd praise that gets heaped on them regularly (although NME sometimes takes it too far - I fear they were probably wanking at the bar during this latest gig). The group's break-up, in particular the break-down of the relationship between Doherty and Barat was bloody and well documented (borrow my book! Pete robbed Carl's house! Carl sent Pete to jail! excitement, intrigue and hot gypsies!) so this reunion is a huge thing for big fans of the group.

I am one part overjoyed at the possibility of a Libertines reunion (next step: ditch the Moss) but one part devastated not to have been there. And definitely weirded out that I didn't know anything about it until today. God I miss London. Alright sorry - but just look at the pictures: they're so very cute... (see also my latest addition to the RHS column in the form of You Tube madness for more Carl and Pete action).

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