Monday, May 21, 2007


  • Ned Kelly's on the run again, apparently. Or, should I clarify, his bones are.
  • Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson should piss me off by describing a car as "a bit ginger beer" (read: queer) but I just throw up my hands and say "Oh, Jeremy, you're the living end".
  • Until now former US president Jimmy Carter has always been the Trivial Pursuit answer I can't get. But hearing him rip into George Bush is always fun.
  • I know there's a 'Daniel Radcliffe' and 'I'd like to lick' joke in the news of a series of Harry Potter stamps but I'm too busy scrubbing myself with steel wool to make it.
  • The vegetarians win a battle and I can still stuff myself with Mars Bars. Is this a victory?

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