Thursday, May 3, 2007

It was the best of time it was the blurst of times.

I fell in love with The Shins years and years and years ago when I saw the film clip for their fantastic song New Slang on Rage late one night. I'd never heard of them or heard the song before but I thought it was amazing so I scribbled the name down and went to 78 Records the next day.

I bought the CD Oh Inverted World straight away and played the absolute shite out of New Slang. Constantly.

Years and years later I was so excited by the presence of The Shins music (and New Slang in particular) on the movie Garden State that I believe I hit Bec in the arm when we saw it together. Possibly quite hard.

Then suddenly The Shins seemed to be everybody's new favourite band or whatever and, I admit, I felt a bit pissed off. Where had all these people been years earlier when I was trying to force my friends to admit New Slang was the best song they'd ever heard or perusing music magazines for a glimpse into who the hell they were? Bastards. I sulked about, rolling my eyes when anyone tried to tell me how good they were, rolling out that classic indie music snob catchphrase: "Oh I prefer their earlier stuff."

Yes, yes it's very true that I am a music snob and a bitter jealous one at that but something good has come out of The Shins' apparently new-found popularity because they are coming to Perth in August. Yay. Tickets on sale next week.


Dave said...

I met a middle-aged Western Suburbs mother the other day who tried to tell me she liked the Shins. Her favourite album was, "you know, the one that's really colourful on the front?"
You would've loved her...

my name is kate said...

God I'm pretentious.