Saturday, June 30, 2007

Diary of a Hangover: the live blog

7.00am: Wake up. Feel surprisingly okay. Realise I am still drunk. Drink water.

8.15am: Get up for more water. Floor is weirdly sticky. I have a cut on my finger. Don't know how either happened.

9.30am: Go looking for food. Find breadsticks - take them back to bed.

10.15am: There is construction work going on outside the apartment. Fucking construction work. At least I think there is - the pounding may or may not be in my head.

11.30am: Move to couch, stepping on broken glass in the process. Eat giant bowl of chips and lashings of hot tea. Feel slightly better, then a lot worse.

12.30: Attempt to load drunken photos from previous night onto blog. Fail. Repeat. Try to convince Andy to clean the house while I lay on the floor. He ignores me. Repeat.

2pm: Down painkillers, water and diet coke. Start cleaning the house. Items found in the living room: broken glass under the coffee table, a single sock, two cigarette lighters.

2.05pm: Return to couch to recover my strength.

4pm: Feeling significantly better. House clean. Must now prepare to go out tonight and repeat.


Anonymous said...

I remember you waving a bandaged finger at me at some point. I am also still drunk. And continuing to drin. Nice work Kato. Fabulous party

Bolton said...

Oh the humanity.

observer said...

reckon anyone's going to aim up to owning the sock?

my name is kate said...

They'd better not because the sock is long gone. Incidently you know what works well to hold off a hangover? Not going to bed. Seriously. Oh and diet coke.