Friday, June 8, 2007

Ruff Times.

I know I bang on a bit about certain issues, particularly when it comes to animals but this is yet another PSA about why should you all be donating money to the RSPCA.

This little pooch was one of two seized from an Armadale (where else?) couple recently. The couple was fined and banned from owning dogs and the dogs have been happily re-homed. At the time they were sized the dogs were supposedly days away from dying.
Anyway my point is that, without the RSPCA, these dogs, as well as many others, would have died. The RSPCA does a fantastic job with much less government funding than it needs and has to rely on donations and volunteers for much of its work. If any of you are feeling even a little bit flush at the moment or you want to pick up something cute and fluffy for a pet while giving your money to a good cause you can donate or check out the shop at the RSPCA website.

Okay that is all. We now return to our regular program.

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