Friday, June 1, 2007

I’ll take e) No non-whites here thanks.

I know it’s stating the obvious but what a rort this proposed citizenship test is. Honestly.

The Perth Now website has a list of (allegedly) exclusive questions from the proposed test and some of them are disturbing.

I think everyone living in Australia should take an interest in our history and cultural customs but this shouldn’t be a measure of whether people are allowed to stay here and call themselves Australian. I’d like to see some of the dickwads already in the country to have a crack at it. No I don't think the tools we already have should be kicked out of the country for their stupidity per se, I just don’t think that potential citizens of the country should be judged by such a ridiculous arbitrary and useless list of questions.

Who gives a fuck whether ice hockey or cricket is a popular sport or what animals are on our coat of arms? What do these kind of questions, which can be learned by rote, say about the people of Australia?

Personally, if I had a choice, I’d like everyone who came here to be kind, compassionate, left-wing animal lovers but I wouldn’t support a test even if it catered exclusively to my particular prejudices because I hate the very concept of nationalism.

Australia needs people who vote conservative and people who vote small-L liberal. It needs people who want to work hard and make money and people who don’t know what they want to do. I feel very lucky to have been born into Australia but I detest many of the things that my country supposedly stands for. As far as I’m concerned Australia needs new blood and I don’t want that new blood to be determined by a list of questions determined to get a certain type of person in and keep others out.

Plus some of the questions are just pants. Exhibit A:

Which of the following are Australian values?
a. Men and women are
b. `A fair go'
c. Mateship
d. All of the above
If the question was “which of the following are regularly touted as Australian values by political leaders who want to convince us they’re not racist bigots but just lovely, kind people, even though they totally aren’t,’ then it’s easy. As it stands it’s an absolute embarrassment and a joke.

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