Friday, June 15, 2007

Hotties? Notties?

What with the poo well and truly hitting the fan in Palestine there is really no better time to think about the big issues.

This is a serious blog and a chance for us to explore world events and put together some insightful commentary on the world around us.... Like People magazine's top 10 bachelors.
Oh yeah because you didn’t know that was coming, what with the picture of Adrian Grenier and all that. Anyway. Mathew Fucking McConaughey is number one. My god - again? I mean, really? I respect a man who plays the bongos naked while blindingly stoned as much as anyone but McConaughey is about as blandly attractive as an old piece of leather in a bathing suit. You couldn’t call him ugly but I’ve been looking at a photo of him for about 30 seconds and I’ve fallen asleep twice... But then check out the competition. I mean Grenier is a hottie, that’s why I’ve put his picture up here and Jake Gyllenhaal is pretty easy on ye olde eyes too. And okay so I guess some people might like to break themselves off a bit of Justin Timberlake (*yawn*) or that dude from Fantastic Four who isn’t Hornblower (What. Ever) but… this guy? He’s really the 9th hottest bachelor in America? So he’s um, he’s actually attractive? I see. Interesting... Well what about this one? And honestly... this one?? Are people getting uglier or am I just really, really picky? Because, um, I don’t think I am but I wouldn’t brake if I saw some of these dudes crossing the street. In front of my car. I mean I would run these bitches down. You can see the full ten here...
UPDATE: The spacing is all fricked up for some reason so the text has gathered together like some gisgusting gelatinous blob o' crap. Sorry. I've gone a bit crazy with the bold text to try and break it up a bit. It uh, yeah it hasn't really worked.

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