Saturday, June 9, 2007

Things I have learned while watching Pirates of the Carribean 3:

  • Most, if not all, Asian people are evil, stupid and probably want to have sex with all white women.
  • A theme park ride may give rise to one good movie but not three.
  • Orlando Bloom is hot (again) when he is not being a total pussy.
  • There will be a special place in hell reserved for Keira Knightley.


Lindsay said...

I actually really fancied him in Lord of the Rings. Not much since. There is something deeply, deeply wrong with me.

Dave said...

Keira Knightley's got nothing on her fellow British compatriot Kate Beckinsale - Underworld is fantastic in a Hollywood blockbuster kind of way.
PS Without any knowledge of this blog, a friend sitting next to me just piped up with "Orlando Bloom was hot as an elf but not really since then..."

observer said...

I found orlando bloom disturbing the moment he de-elfed although I didn't really find him hot as an elf - it just seemed to suit him. He isnt' so annoying in the third Pirates as the others though.

my name is kate said...

I actually thought he was super hot in the first Pirates movie (which I shamefully loved) and he’s hot when he’s snapped by the paparazzi but, in movies, most of the time he comes off as wetter than a sack of frogs. Plus it’s hard to respect anyone who had anything to do with the crap fest that was Elizabethtown.