Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Done in 60 seconds... by which I mean about 120 seconds

I read this nice little piece in The Guardian today in which music journo Jon Wilde tried to name his top 10 favourite songs in 60 seconds. And while he had to do it in front of Noel Gallagher and Paul Weller, thus with the added pressure of trying not to humiliate himself with embarrassingly naff choices, I think that, either way, the idea is a nice one.

So I'm going to attempt do the same (and I'm thinking of favourite songs - not my ideas about the 10 best songs ever written and yes of course there's a difference) over the next 60 seconds. Sure, my poor dear readers will have no idea if I'm sticking to the 60 second rule or taking a lazy half hour to graze my way through but I'm sure the incompetence of my choices will speak for themselves.In no particular order... start the clock:

10. You're so Great (Blur)
Not my favourite band but love, love this song, which was allegedly recorded under a table.

9. If I ever feel better (Phoenix)
It still kills me.

8. Half a Person (The Smiths)

7. Orgasm Addict (Buzzcocks)
Rebellion lite playing this one loud but I loved it.

6. The Wind (Cat Stevens)
Oh fuck me I think I'm over a minute already - this is hard...

5. In Your Head (The Panics)

4. New Slang (The Shins)

3. Ain't that Enough? (Teenage Fanclub)

2. There's Too Much Love (Belle and Sebastian)
I have to mention my favourite band and this is a good one.

1. Time for Heroes (The Libertines)
Oh fuck off it's a modern classic.

In conclusion: not an unqualified success. Somehow I've ended up with a mish-mash of songs I've been listening to lately, songs that are genuinely in my top 10 and random songs chosen in a state of semi-panic just to enable me to include a favourite band. And it took me almost two minutes. Hmm.

If I had the time I would include something from Nick Drake and The Cure, probably dumping The Panics in the process, lovely as they are. I’d change my Belle and Sebastian song choice and possibly my Buzzcocks one too but there you go: having to do it fast and use what comes to mind is what makes the whole thing more than an exercise in wankery.

Anyone with a minute to spare please take it away in the comments - but stick to a minute (or two).

NOTE: I have taken extra time to go back to my list and correct some horrendous spelling, punctuation and typos. Clearly for the sake of honesty I should have left it as-was but would you really have known who Teh Msiths were?


Dave said...

10. Asshole by Denis Leary - okay not great to start with a novelty song but it's an old favourite.

9. Somebody Told Me - The Killers

8. Seven Nation Army - White Stripes

7. Is This It? - The Strokes

6. What I Be - Michael Franti and Spearhead

5. Invincible - Muse

4. Fool's Gold - Stone Roses

3. Whitsle for the Choir - The Fratellis

2. Hurt - Nine Inch Nails

1. Paranoid Android - Radiohead

Okay that took me about 3 mins. And I'm sure, during the day, I'll come up with at least 25 more that I should have included in the 10. But that'll do for now :)

my name is kate said...

Oh bugger now I fear I should have included the Stone Roses (For me it's got to be I Wanna Be Adored) and The Strokes too, though at whose expense I don't know.

On another note have you seen the video for The Fratellis' Flathead? Rowr.

my name is kate said...

Oh frick and I forgot Pulp (The Fear? This is Hardcore? Mishapes?)altogether too.