Thursday, August 16, 2007

I think not my white-lab-coat-wearing friends

Je-sus Christ, if this isn’t the worst use of scientific reseearch ever then I will… well, I don’t know, be surprised I suppose:
“Researchers at Britain's Natural History Museum have come up with a simple
calculation to measure a man's sex appeal based on his face. And the results are
in. The scientists measured up ten celebrities and ranked them in order of
attractiveness as follows: 1. Will Smith 2. Peter Andre 3. Justin Timberlake 4. UK Big Brother's Liam 5. Thierry Henry 6. Brad Pitt 7. David Beckham 8. Johnny Depp 9. Kanye West 10. UK Big Brothers Ziggy”
Hmm, so what you're saying is that Peter Andre is more attractive than both Johnny Depp and Thierry Henry? Peter. Andre. Is more attractive. Than Johnny Depp… Peter Andre is more attractive… Peter… Peter Andre???

That sound you hear is me poking out my own eyes.

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