Thursday, August 23, 2007

I hear the streets are paved with Gael

Generally when I hear the phrases “he/she was acting uncharacteristically” or “he/she was throwing a lot of money around” I associate them with the sort of crime shows that appear on Friday night on the ABC.

It’s the sort of statement that crops up when someone is found floating in a canal and Robbie Coltrane or that dude from Taggart who looks vaguely Japanese but really isn’t have to find out why he/she was acting uncharacteristically or throwing a lot of money around before his or her untimely death.

And yet this week I have been both acting uncharacteristically and throwing money around in as much as I have opted to go to Argentina, New York and London in October. Um yes this October, why do you ask?

The Argentina thing has been in the works for a bit because we have friends there (Kate and Jerm - pour us a drink) and Andy is red hot keen to get busted as a drug mule in South America but I have been in two minds for weeks and weeks because of the exorbitant cost. My solution? Throw a few extra cities in to make it even more expensive. Also, only take a couple of weeks of work so you have to cram it all into the tightest time frame possible, thus ensuring a combination of jetlag and sleep deprivation for the duration of the trip. Awesome.

This is not normal Kate behaviour. Having spent my life on a series of poor wages I have always had to be careful with my money and planned everything big I do way, way in advance. And yet here I go. Yes it does seem like a semi-reckless, cash-swallowing decision that will either financially cripple me or leave me with an exotic South American disease but I’m incredibly excited.

And if I wind up dead in some seedy Argentinian hostel you can tell the police that I was acting uncharacteristically and throwing around a lot of money before my untimely death.

NOTE: I realise Gael Garcia Bernal is not, in fact, Argentinian and therefore I am unlikely to run into him while I'm there. He is, however, very attractive and if the movies have lied to me about all South American boys being uber hot I shall be very disappointed indeed.

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