Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Set your faces to stunned

So yesterday I watched my first ever episode of Star Trek. This is a show that various people, both semi-strangers and friends, have recommended to me for years. You’ll love it, they tell me, it’s right up your alley. For just as long I have resisted, feeling that, while I am in fact a complete nerd, there are limits. Plus William Shatner has always given me the wiggins. But yesterday I cracked and rented Star Trek: The Next Generation. This is one of the sans-Shatner series, with Patrick Stewart’s gleaming bald head and wonderful enunciation in command.

And I sort of love it. The graphics are incredibly lame, the prosthetics used on the ‘aliens’ even worse and it has more cheese than something really, really cheesy but it has sucked me in. It’s sucked me in so much that, as soon as I had finished with the first disk, I practically ran back to the video store and not only rented more but had a long conversation with the guy at the desk about the series. Okay so I didn’t understand most of what he said and he was sort of weird but, you know, we kinda bonded. Over Star Trek. I could not be a bigger dork right now and I'm loving it.


Dave said...

Welcome to the club. You have chosen well - the next generation is by far the best star trek series. And now that these comments have been published on the internet, I will forever hang my head in shame.

my name is kate said...

Hold your head high, Johnsy. How can something so entertaining be so wrong?