Friday, August 17, 2007

I cannot believe it.

Some motherfucking fuckhead has been using my motherfucking phone.

Apologies for the language but what a cunt.

Since losing the thing on Sunday I’ve done jack about it, not really because I’m lazy, though I am, but because for some stupid reason I assumed that if someone found it they would try to get it back to its owners.

What the fuck is wrong with me? Why would I think for a second that the average person is anything more than a shithead when all evidence points to the contrary?

Today I finally rang up Virgin to admit defeat and cancel the phone, only to discover that some fuckstick has been using it for the last four days. And a few nice long, cosy chat he or she has been having too.

The helpful chick at Virgin did give me the numbers this dicksnap has been calling and if I were a much ballsier person, I might call them up and tell them their friend is a fucking thief. Well it is Friday so maybe I’ll have a few drinks and then do it.

UPDATE: I have been calling a couple of the numbers just for shits and giggles and to see who answers and the weirdest one so far? Anglicare. I suppose I should be grateful my phone has gone to the underprivileged.


paula said...

really? i cant believe some wanker was using your phone!! gimmie their number, i want to abuse them. no seriously, i have alot on build up anger and this seems like a good opportunity to let it out. roar.

Dave said...

i'll take the numbers and abuse them!! it happened to me once and i had great joy in ringing people up, telling them i knew what was going on and where they lived... (of course i didn't, but they didn't know that :))

my name is kate said...

Thanks for the very generous offers. Since discovering they've been calling Anglicare I admit my bleeding heart has been soothed somewhat.

Anonymous said...

It's a front!!!! Be harsh but fair. You've been taken in. Call those numbers and actually say something or there is a long list of us who will do it for you!!

L x

my name is kate said...

Oh I know, I know. And yet... maybe it's a sad old homeless man? Who is um calling up his other homeless friends or er trying to track down a job or something... oh shut up, stop looking at me like that...